What is iSimplan?

iSimPlan is a web-based Supply Chain planning tool compliant with Demand Driven MRP tenets. The data used by iSimPlan (master and transactional) comes directly from your organisations' ERP system via a standardised, configurable middleware connector. This maintains a single data repository for Supply Chain enablers, and demand and supply information.


Data analytics range from broad overviews to in-depth reports on all planning aspects. This allows stakeholders at all levels to access the information they need at the level of detail that they need it.


iSimPlan fosters collaboration between the setup (IT) team and users through its’ unique implementation process. This promotes the identification problem areas within existing data structures and potential solutions to them.


Views of both the planning and executions roles across multiple data levels provides an overview of the Supply Chain health. This opportunity to gain an end to end view of the Supply Chain is invaluable to all organizations.

Elegance in Simplicity

iSimPlan is designed to be used by all levels of Supply Chain staff.

Inventory health at a glance

The iSimPlan Dashboard provides an overview of all the inventory items on the system. This feature allows planners to quickly assess the buffer status of all decoupled inventory items across the organization. This is aligned to customer service levels and working capital, supporting your business in achieving its' primary goal: “To make money by increasing net profit, while simultaneously increasing return on investment, and simultaneously increasing cash flow.” ~ Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox, The Goal

Visual cues and priority ranking

Inventory items are automatically ranked by priority on the iSimPlan Planning Screen. Priority is shown as a color coded hierarchy. Here planners can view multiple planning items simultaneously, along with all the relevant Supply and Demand Data needed to make informed planning decisions.

Deep Understanding

Easy access to all data elements used in calculations and visualisations creates an environment where planning and execution staff can readily make informed decisions based on up to date data.

Drill down into the data

Need to see the elements of the Net Flow Equation (purchase, works, or sales order document details and static buffers)? Not a problem. On iSimPlan the information from these documents, including document number, transaction quantities and due dates, can be found on the Item Planning Screen.

Visibility across the Supply Chain

Dramatically decrease the chances of stock outs with iSimPlans' visibility across planning and execution roles in your organization. At the click of a button, planners can see actual on-hand inventory values, and supply chain execution personnel can see when supply has been planned to be available. This provides a transparency across roles allowing expedites to be handled in a manner which ensures the timely flow of materials.

iSimPlan for DDMRP

iSimPlan compliments your organisations’ existing ERP system and has been designed to make the transition from MRP to DDMRP seamless, and painless.

Do any of these statements sound familiar:

  • MRP isn’t working, no one uses it. 
  • Everyone works from spreadsheets with extracted from an ERP system,
  • Planners have their own “DIY-MRP” system on spreadsheets, or standalone database applications, with some or no data extracted from an ERP system,
  • Planners spend a disproportionate amount of time on unnecessary expediting and generally fighting fires.
  • The business is experiencing poor customer service levels, as experienced by customers.
  • The business is experiencing frequent stock outs.
  • The business suspects that there is unnecessary working capital tied up in inventory.
  • The business is experiencing lack of capacity in storage, production, and capable personnel.
  • The business needs an effective, simple planning platform.


We look forward to assisting you in simplifying and synchronizing your supply chain!

Contact us to be kept informed of the the latest in Demand Driven developments, or visit our blog to learn more about iSimPlan and DDMRP.